Defects in materials put your whole product at risk.

Ensuring reliability is crucial, especially when new composite materials are used in production. You need to quickly find any imperfections, cracks, voids, and misalignments to improve manufacturing.

High-quality scans with PiXL help guarantee performance.

Your whole product depends on its building blocks. With PiXL x-ray and CT scan services, you can quickly understand the integrity of your system and respond to areas of improvement.

Save time and money with composite material scanning.

Trusted by military, aerospace, automotive, forensic industries, and more, our all-inclusive scanning services provide the answers you need for composite material quality assurance. To guarantee industry-leading testing, our US lab utilizes proprietary imaging systems by our partner Pinnacle.

Certifications You Can Trust

The approval process for the aerospace industry can be arduous. Our certified team provides the solutions you need with optional interpretation of image data, training, correlation studies, and part certification.

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