Electrifying Battery Innovation: Pinnacles' Cutting-Edge X-ray and CT Technology Ignites a New Era of Energy Storage

Ignite the future of battery innovation with Pinnacles’ cutting-edge X-ray and CT technology, expertly designed to revolutionize energy storage and propel the industry forward. Our state-of-the-art imaging systems provide unparalleled, non-destructive insights into battery components, materials, and structures, enabling manufacturers to optimize production processes, ensure top-quality performance, and assess internal integrity. Pinnacles’ groundbreaking technology accelerates the development of advanced chemistries, enhanced safety features, and next-generation battery designs, paving the way for more efficient, reliable, and sustainable energy storage solutions. Join Pinnacles in powering the future of batteries and transforming the energy landscape with our innovative X-ray and CT imaging solutions.

PiXL x-ray and CT scan services deliver fast results

With our industry-leading technology and certified technicians, you can count on us to streamline the imaging process and provide quick, accurate results for non-destructive testing. Receive dimensional analysis, CAD to CT analysis, .STL CAD export, void/inclusion analysis, and more.

Experience the convenience of a done-for-you service

Enjoy a smoother process qualification with a trusted partner at PiXL. We’re based in the US, and in addition to providing scanning services, our partner Pinnacle manufactures x-ray and CT scan machines, allowing us to stay at the forefront of technology. We’re ITAR and NIST 800-171 compliant and Nadcap certified.

Certifications You Can Trust